Comfort You Never Knew You Need

Meticulously crafted over 3 years of research and development, the Aeroflex Joggers embodies the Thousand Miles’ design philosophy that transcends the ordinary.


Perfect Fusion of Fabric

Through a careful curated blend that cocoons you in a sensation akin to immersing yourself in silk sheets throughout the day, making each step feel like a gentle touch against your skin.


Long-Haul Flight Tested

To put the Aeroflex Jogger to the ultimate test, we sent 8 members of the Thousand Miles’ team to embark on the longest haul flights, spanning between 8 - 18 hours in the skies and push the limits of a true All-Day experience.

Experience the World's Best Comfort

From the sandy beaches of Ipanema to the bustling streets of Shibuya, the Aeroflex Joggers has seen the best of all worlds and has led to the discovery of a whole new frontier of unparalleled comfort that checked all boxes and surpassed all expectations.

These comfy, lightweight pants are the ultimate travel threads