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Weather Resistant | Ultra-Comfortable & Stretchable | High Durability  

The Adaptiv Collection is the ultimate choice for any traveller looking for a versatile and functional pair of pants that can adapt to any situation and environment. Designed with OMNIFLEX™, it’s made with a hybrid nylon blend - our most innovative fabric yet. With their unparalleled stretchability, exceptional durability, adaptability to multiple temperatures, practical pockets and wrinkle-free feature, these pants are the perfect addition to any travel wardrobe.

OMNIFLEX™ Technology

with all-new Adaptiv Fabric

for superior durability and versatility that adapts to a wide range of environments and situations


Made Resistant for Unexpected Weather

Embrace your destination with pants that handles anything from sudden downpours to temperature changes.

Made Strong for The Journey

Take on any challenge, thanks to these ultra-durable pants that won't let anything hold you back.

Made Stretchable for Unrestricted Movement

Stroll with confidence knowing your pants have enough room for bigger steps and remain wrinkle-free

Product Comparison

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About the Product

Machine wash with cold water and like colors, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not directly iron on the fabric surface, do not dry clean.

The pants are water-resistant to a certain extent. The fabric can withstand light rain without absorbing water, but it will become wet if exposed to heavy rain or submerged in water.

The OMNIFLEX™  Adaptiv Pants have a slim tapered fit and packable feature making them ideal for outdoor adventures and extended trips.

In contrast, the OMNIFLEX™ Adaptiv Urban Pants have a modern trim fit with a sleek appearance and are well-suited for everyday wear and urban activities, such as unexpected business meetings or date nights while traveling.

The OMNIFLEX™ Adaptiv Pants feature an innovative fabric that offers greater durability and stretch than the OMNIFLEX™ All Day Pants.

Both styles are suitable for outdoor activities, but we suggest the OMNIFLEX™ Adaptiv Pants for cooler climates (10-30°C) and the OMNIFLEX™ All Day Pants for tropical conditions (23-38°C).

While both pants are designed to be lightweight and packable, OMNIFLEX™ Adaptiv Pants come with belt loops for added styling versatility, crotch gusset and articulated back knee design for maximum comfort.

OMNIFLEX™ Adaptiv Urban Pants are made of innovative fabric for stronger durability and stretchability than All Day Chino Pants. These pants are designed with a modern trim fit, as opposed to the straight cut athletic fit of the All Day Chino Pants.


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