Why Pre-Order


With most of our funds going into creating the materials, patenting designs & new technology, we want to remove unnecessary costs to ensure that we can offer these products at prices that are accessible by many.


►Why does it take so long?◀︎

Each component of our products is made in different parts of the world. Materials from Germany, zippers from Hong Kong, buttons from Thailand and so on. This means all these materials will have to be shipped to our production plant in order for the production to start.


Each piece is cut and sewn manually by our skilled tailors at our production plant. This is to ensure that going into production, we are withholding the highest standards possible to reduce waste. In turn, we are able to lower the costs even more with a lower percentage of defects as our raw materials are incredibly expensive to produce.


►What unnecessary costs?◀︎

Storage cost, production cost and also overhead costs that are involved with managing inventory. Saving on these costs helps us to give the value back to the customers so ultimately, we are trading money with time.