Our designs let you travel light with functional and versatile clothes that are easy-to-wear and care for. 

At Thousand Miles, we go the extra mile so you can travel right and experience the world leisurely.

Scroll to unveil our secrets to travelling with little burden.

#1 Have an eye for travel-friendly apparel

When it comes to being on-the-go, it's not enough to pack clothes that only look good.

We need to start looking for clothes that are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable on the skin. These features make clothes suitable for travel.

#2 Always Choose the Space-Savers

Go for those that take up minimal space in your luggage. Avoid bulky sweaters, coats, or jeans - choose pieces made of lightweight & space saving material.

#3 Pack only the Multi-taskers

"Essentials" are often overused. Instead, pack “multi-taskers”.

If that fluffy down has only one use case, forget it. Only bring items that serve multiple purposes.

From jungles to cities, these pants can handle it all.

Featured in image: OMNIFLEX Adaptiv Pants

Effortlessly convertible into shorts so you are ready for wherever, whatever.

Featured in image: Xplorer Convertible Pants